Aceso Ingenuity Founder ad CEO, Dr. Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup, on the left side of the Texpert stage at eMerge Americas 2018 in Miami, FL. 


Our CEO and Founder, Dr. Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup, attended eMerge 2018 as a speaker for a panel entitled, “Health Tech Innovation & Our Ecosystem.” During the panel, Dr. Hendricks-Sturrup discussed the status of the health innovation ecosystem in South Florida. Specifically, the panel shared what they identify in South Florida, through their personal experience, as assets for the health tech industry and existing gaps between innovation, industry, market need. The panel was moderated by Frances Colon from Jasperi Consulting and hosted by Life Sciences South Florida


When asked about ways to cultivate the South Florida digital health innovation ecosystem to educate and create proactive patients, Dr. Hendricks-Sturrup responded, “Digital health tools are best used when they are supplemented with people who can help patients navigate their healthcare.” 


Aceso Ingenuity was joined on the eMerge Texpert panel stage by executives from fellow health innovation companies Metastatic AI and Quick’rCare. Visit here to learn more about eMerge Americas and its global tech innovation movement based in South Florida.