Aceso Ingenuity created a Preliminary Index Survey, which is a tool to help digital health innovators assess how they perceive their health care product’s achievement across ten domains of value based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Preliminary survey results help health innovators identify pain points in their business models and/or products that may erode the overall value of their products.

As health innovators compete in a new and evolving health care landscape that rewards value (versus fee-for-service), understanding how their products add (versus extract) value is more important than ever. 


Can I Take the  Aceso Ingenuity Index™ Pilot Survey?


Click here to take our pilot survey. We will personally email your pilot survey results to the email address you provide on the survey form. 

                        What is the  Aceso Ingenuity Index™?

The Aceso Ingenuity Index™ is a meta-index survey used to assess innovators’ perceived value of their digital health products across ten domains.































Aceso Ingenuity Index™ Domains 


  • Personalization
  • Access
  • Efficiency
  • Scientific Evidence
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Integration
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Privacy/Security
  • Scalability
  • Technology Readiness


Health innovators and interested partners may email us directly at